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Phone 443 680 3750 / +41 090 9686 2063 

River Garden City Sakura-no-oka #1101, Shimaya 6-2-90 Konohana-ku, Osaka, Osaka, Japan 554-0024 

1602 Park Ave. Baltimore MD 21217 


Emerson David Myers is a painter, sculptor, printmaker, digital artist, and educator who is currently living in the United States and Japan. He received his MFA in Interdisciplinary Studio Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and a Masters of Art Education from Boston University. His work focuses on socio-political issues, revolving around a continued and pressing desire to educate and inform his audience.
Most of his inspiration comes from his varied professional background and education. An degree in Political Science and 20th Century History, a decade as an Art and Social Science teacher, years as a certified carpenter's apprentice, a design manager for a local newspaper, as well as a decade living broad has molded his approach to art and choices of subject matter. Lately he as been significatly influenced by the contradiction of chaos and order, and tradition and modernity found when taking in the expansive city of Tokyo.

Solo Shows


Destinations, 2014, Baltimore World Trade Center Tower Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Cartographic Compositions, 2014, Delaplaine Art Gallery, Fredrick, Maryland, USA  

Tokyo, 2013, Ruther Marder Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland, USA   



Group Shows


WAC Exhibition, 2016, Ressei, Kyoto, Japan

Three People Three Dimensions, 2016 In-Line Gallery, Osaka, Japan

The 13th Annual Art Inter/National Exhibition, 2014, Boxheart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Printmaking Exhibition, 2013, Lockhart Gallery, SUNY, Geneseo NY, USA                                     

Under Pressure, Juried Printmaking Exhibition, 2013, West Windsor Art Center, Trenton, NJ, USA

Bold in Black and White, 2013, Blue Line Arts Gallery, Sacramento, USA                                

Art Angels Art Night, 2013, Hickok Cole, Washington DC, USA                                      

Memento Mori, 2013, Project Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada                                        

Beyond the Threshold, 2013, S Art Space, Sohotel Gallery, Manhattan NY, USA

Architexture, 2013, Project Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada                            

Twisted, 2013, Project Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada                                                            

Story Book Poem Illustration Exhibition, 2012, West North 5th Gallery, Baltimore, USA

First Year Exhibition, 2012, T. Rowe Price Gallery, Baltimore, USA                                      

Mount Royal Exhibition, 2012, Riggs Gallery, Baltimore, USA                                                        

My Space Juried Show, 2010, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan    

Lakehead University Juried Show, 2003, Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, Canada

Lakehead University Juried Show, 2002, Thunder Bay Art Gallery, Thunder Bay, Canada

Private Collections

The Butler Institute of American Art


Prizes and Media    

Celeste Prize 2014 Special selected, Sculpture,  #Inches (100 Kilotons)(#Layers)=YIELD 

Artworks, Baltimore PTV Season 3, Episode 6, November 6, 2014 - Featured Artworks

Infinity Art Gallery, Figurative Expo 2013 Winner                           

Artist Portfolio Magazine Full Page Feature, 2013

Interview, Hartiska, NY Fashion and Arts Magazine, 2013

Tokyo/International Rock Challenge, Best Stage Set Design Award, 2009

Ceramics Association Prize, Thunder Bay Ontario, 2002

North Country Prize for Ceramics, 2002

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